New doors…

With faith there exists an ever present ability to rise above the fear and open new doors…

Beyond the butterfly…

Wow…Magical kind of morning…Came to check on the cocoon this morning, as I have daily since spotting it on Aug 5th. Disappointed to find it was gone but much delighted to have spotted, watched in flight, sat next to and held to this magnificent beauty for the longest time this morning…my journey…coincidences of life…transformation…believe…
Bonus was to witness an eagle, majestic in flight, rise from below the river bank…
If you get lost…he’s a waymaker🎶

On the wings of change

Not the prettiest photo but loved seeing this cocoon today! A reminder that transformation, transition…change…even walking towards a dream isn’t always the most smooth, easy, light or pretty process but with faith and patience throughout we can soar to new heights on the other side.
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly…”  ~Proverb

Kindness…the choice…

You know when I first snapped this photo I immediately wanted to share it but was too scared to – fearing the possibility of backlash or people thinking differently of me but it really got me thinking about all the times in their earlier school years when my kiddos exited the school bus walking into our home perplexed and sometimes with tears in their eyes looking into mine asking “Mom, why do people call us Mexicans and tell us to go back to where we belong?” and how in those moments I was taken back to the many times throughout my childhood, throughout life really, I had been called out by the brown of my skin and characteristics of my hair…Black, Indian, Mexican, Spaniard even the ‘N’ word on occasion despite being classified White…Caucasian…perks of being blessed with an olive skin tone, I suppose.
They just didn’t understand especially given we are not from Mexico or of the nationality. I’m not sure if my explanation of a response supplied any relief or helped them in those moments any more than the wiping away of their tears and the Mom hug that always followed but when it comes down to it…I mean really comes down to it…we are all just humans.
We are more than the color of our skin or the age of our bodies. We are all humans traveling different paths yet made up of two arms, two legs, two ears, two eyes, ten fingers, ten toes, one nose…one brain from which to choose our actions, one beating heart from which love unconditionally radiates at birth and one mouth from which kindness can always be spoken…
I can only hope that moments such as those made my kids kinder towards others and even a bit more resilient when faced with adversity…

Five Moments…

Five moments of gratitude for today….beside the always given family, friends and faith…
  …Kind messages from caring friends
  …New photography acquaintances
  …Shared laughter with co-workers
  …Healing spider bites
  …Spotting this beauty on the side of the road…no idea what it is
Give it a try… What are your five moments for today?

“To Do’s” for life…

Life is too short
Share a smile
Give a hug
Gather together
Cry if you need to
And always count your blessings including the gift of the precious present for once it passes it becomes a memory

A little help, anyone..

I’d like to paint a picture for you…I’m walking down this beautiful tree covered trail…no one around but me and I might have already had a couple of head in the cloud moments and I’m thirsty by this time…the sun is shining down, it’s a bit muggy and I’ve seen a variety of  butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, beautiful flowers, and I’m hearing singing cicadas above me everywhere and I say outloud as I look up “I can hear you but I can’t see you” thinking how cool it would be to grab a photo of one…then a few minutes later as I continue on my walk back to the takes a fast dive and falls down from the tree buzzing loudly like a torpedo as it hits the pavement hard on the path right in front of me!
I think “holy crap this is so cool” as I frantically turn my camera on to grab a shot. Then I noticed it…the buzzing wasn’t coming from the cicada but rather from a huge yellow and black jacket bumble thingy that had tazered the poor  serenading cicada!
I grabbed a couple more photos but then that  small but mighty bumble buzzer began to buzz loudly, dragging the cicada across the pavement in its claws about a hundred miles an hour.. or so it felt ..RIGHT TOWARDS ME!!! Needless to say I didn’t want to be its next victim and I took off running with energy buzzing throughout my body and yes…I belted out a girly scream! But what a cool pic for the memory book!
What is it they say…be careful what you wish for?! Whew!

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