Lessons in nature…

Patience…within us at all times yet sometimes difficult to find…
Isn’t it amazing how nature can teach us lessons? This bird reminded me of patience the first day I saw him (or her).
I came barreling down a gravel road by a lake expecting to get a photo of the sunrise. Upon my arrival this bird was resting on the banks of the lake and because I came barreling down so quickly I spooked him and he flew away and, of course, I was disappointed thinking he would have made an awesome photo..he was so colorful and elegant.
I ended up getting a great photo of the sunrise that morning but I really wanted to get one of the bird so I made a plan to go back the next day thinking I would slowly drive up, park at the top and walk down toward the spot where he might be resting…easy enough, right?
The next day I followed my plan and WOW there he was…majestically resting on the ledge of the dock basking in the rising sun! What a photo opportunity! I began to approach but I walked too loudly or too fast and spooked him yet again! He flew off in the distance before I could snap a photo. As you might guess, I was, again, disappointed but was determined to go back the next day following the same plan…with a much sneakier approach.
The next day came and I headed back despite the misting rain that was clouding the air. Upon arrival I parked but there were no signs of him on the bank, on the dock, in the water or otherwise. So, I began to turn the car around to leave and that’s when I caught a glimpse of him nestled into the bank, blending into the landscape of weeds and water except for his head which was poking out from the weeds.
I slowly parked my car, got out and walked in his direction ever so slowly and in line with a tree hoping he wouldn’t see me. I knelt down in the dewy grass and got a shot! With nothing to lose, since I already had one photo, I continued walking towards him to see how close he would let me get, snapping photos along the way. I was amazed at how close he allowed me to get, although eyeballing my every step, before he got spooked, screeched and took off soaring to the other side of the lake.
It was an awesome feeling to get that photo and it just reminded me that patience is needed in all facets of life…that we may want something…we may want to do something…but we must take the necessary steps yet have patience and trust in each step as they carry us toward our goals, dreams or even those bucket list items we’ve written down.
I hope whatever it is you’re aspiring to do or dreams you wish to come true you find patience and trust in the steps that will get you there.
Sending Big Love your way today💗

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