Communication is the key…

Yep…it’s true…I’m a student of life (we all are) and it has presented me with many lessons over the last few years and seeing these birds got me thinking about one that becomes ever more clear as the days pass by and that is the need for open honest two-way communication in all aspects and in all relationships.
It’s the times when we’re afraid to speak the words, possibly exposing an uncomfortable vulnerability, that things get swept under the rug where the dust and dirt of the unsaid gathers up over time, eventually turning into trip hazards such as doubt, fear and anger.
It’s when we’re brave enough to communicate…to truly look at one other, listen and communicate that change occurs…growth occurs…and understanding comes to the surface…making way for a smoother and less cluttered path.
Communication is the key…it opens doors…it opens hearts…🗝🚪❤

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