Gone but not Forgotten…

Sharing this beauty and poem for you grandma! It’s been a year today since you slipped away but you will forever live in our hearts.
If there is something I’ve learned over the last few years it’s that we all experience grief and sadness at some points in life and we all have our own ways of coping and moving through the emotions. Lord knows I have tried just about everything to move through the emotions of losing three family members over the last three years.
One way I choose to move, especially in the stuckness, is through writing in my journal or any piece of paper close by. Somehow the writing seems to help the emotions flow through often times releasing in the form of rants, songs or poems. As cheesy or resembling of a first graders rhyme my words may seem, they somehow move me along helping to release the emotions…the feelings such as anger, guilt, sadness, etc. Don’t get me wrong my writing is not all gloomy as I much prefer to inspire but when the darkness hits… writing is my friend.
If you feel stuck in your emotion try it…pick up a pen, pencil or a crayon for that matter and put it to paper letting the words, tears, smiles and heart flutters flow with no judgment…release them.
I knew it would come
The call that would numb
Yet I wasn’t prepared
And felt scared
I struggled too long “what to do”
Work or come to you
As hard as I tired
I couldn’t help but cry
Then I knew
I had to get to you
Packing as fast as I could
Driving faster than I should
Receiving the second call
Making the decision that would end it all
Your body frail
All systems failed
Knowing what your wishes were
I had to confer
Despite wanting to keep you
Until I could reach you
I spoke the words aloud
Hanging up feeling the doubt
Pulling off the road
I had to let go
Gone…grandmother, friend, mother
Always there for one another
Months have passed
Some days are overcast
Not a day goes by
You don’t cross my mind
Then I recall the blackbirds of three
And know you are all there with me
For even though we’re apart
You’re always there in my heart
All the days I roam
Until the day I return home
Love you much!

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