First blog post…

Hey there!  Welcome to my blog.  I’m so happy you are here to walk this journey with me. I’m a faith filled mom with a camera and love for all things nature.  I’m also a long time journaler with a passion for inspiring others.
Most of my life I’ve chosen not to express or share my words mostly due to the thoughts and fear of not being good enough, sounding stupid, not having anything of importance to share that would resonate with others or of being judged.
About a year or so ago I chose to step past the threshold of fear and posted something personal on my Facebook page which was scary for me because that’s a mixed audience of close friends, work colleagues and old acquaintances looking to see what you’re up to, right? Much to my surprise and delight that post was well received and I wasn’t judged (at least not outwardly)!  Little by little I began to post more but was still holding back and on to a fear mixed with the desire to share.  So, at the encouragement of others to share more of my photos, stories, thoughts even my poems…Here I Am…stepping past the fear and taking a chance.
Truth be told, I’m not degreed in English, journalism or even creative writing and this is the 3rd, 4th, maybe even 5th blog I’ve put together over the last year but the first one I’m challenging myself and am choosing to share on this level and the first one that feels right….unapologetically and authentically me!
I can’t promise what I’ll share will always 100% be light and cheery (we’re all made of the dark and the light, right?) but I can promise it will always be shared and come from the heart with the intention to connect and inspire.
With all that being said, I’d like to start my blog off by sharing one of the first short poems I wrote and posted that summed up my love for journaling…funny right now I’m feeling that familiar feeling I felt as my finger hovered over the post button back then…you know the one…your heart pounding and butterflies fluttering throughout.  Here goes nothing!!  ; )
Thanks again for being here and best wishes to you on your life journey.  I hope to follow and connect with you soon.
Much Love & Gratitude
Small Town Gal

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